Skin Treatments


At Skin Science Clinic, we conduct a thorough examination of your skin, lifestyle & eating habits to find the root cause of your acne and then we start with the medical treatment along with the anti-acne peels if needed.


Acne scars are permanent textural changes that occur on the skin as a result of severe acne. We offer a combination approach to treat different type of scars which include:

  • Peels
  • MNRF
  • Fractional CO2 laser
  • PRP


Sun exposure, hormonal influences (such as melasma), age and skin injuries or inflammations (post acne pigmentation) are the main causes of hyperpigmentation. The treatment approach begins with starting a good sun protection regime and topical products. Additionally, for more resistant patches, peels and lasers are used.


General dermatology is concerned with the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of skin , hair and nail diseases such as:

Fungal infections – Allergy – Eczema – Psoriasis
Sexually transmitted diseases – Leprosy – Skin cancers


Nail infections or change in nail colour and texture can occur due to bacteria or fungi. This is commonly seen in people who have more water contact or suffer from Diabetes.
Ingrown toe nail is also a common nail disorder which requires nail avulsion.


Vitiligo is an unpredictable skin disorder in which white patches appear on the skin. However, all white patches are not always vitiligo. And hence a careful examination is needed to confirm this diagnosis. The choice of treatment depends on your age, extent and progression of disease.


Chemical peels exfoliate the damaged skin to achieve smoother younger-looking skin. A range of chemical peels are performed at our clinic which are customized as per patient’s need and are performed by the doctors only. Chemical peel for- acne, pigmentation, skin glow, dark circles, lip pigmentation etc.


Hydrafacial is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment in which advanced technology and science-based ingredients are used. It is the combination of cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and removal of dead skin cells and impurities which ultimately gives glowing and healthy skin.


Sebaceous cyst excision, Mole removal, Skin tag removal, Wart removal, Ear- lobe repair, Corn excision, Nail avulsion for ingrown toe nail.
Vitiligo Surgery – such as Split skin grafting ; Suction blister grafting ; Non- cultured melanocyte transfer